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Kylie Jenner Gives a Tour Around Her Office, And It’s Just As Extravagant As We Had Imagined!

When it comes to being extra, no one does it better than the Kardashian-Jenner family, right? If you’ve been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, then you know exactly what this statement means. If you’ve never been bothered with the reality show, you must have come across members of this family on social media.

Of late, Kylie Jenner has been making headlines left, right, and center. It all started earlier this year, around March, when Forbes labeled her the youngest billionaire in the world. Scratch that; they labeled her the youngest SELF-MADE billionaire in the world.

The online community wasn’t having any of it though, claiming that since she was born into money, there’s no way she can be described as a self-made billionaire.

Forbes labeled her the youngest self-made billionaire in the world

Celebrity Net Worth

Next came that article by Celebrity Net Worth that broke down the specifics of how much Kylie’s brand is worth, coming to the conclusion that the entrepreneur isn’t even a billionaire. Yes, they admit that she’s incredibly wealthy, but the media outlet put her net worth at around $300 million.

Then there was the whole issue surrounding her birthday. The mother of one turned 23 in August, and in celebration of this milestone, she released a money-themed cosmetics collection. What should have been a symbol of commemoration turned out to be the source of online outcry, with most social media users terming her a braggart?

All the same, she took it in stride, even saying that she’d give back all proceeds generated by the collection to society. And just so you know, her birthday wasn’t all gloomy. Travis Scott, her baby daddy and now her ex, made sure that his then girlfriend’s 23rd didn’t go unnoticed.

He surprised her with thousands of roses spread across her entire house, before taking her to the Italian coast where he presented her with a diamond-encrusted necklace as her gift.

All this, and the two still parted ways. What is love? Needless to say, their breakup was the next thing Kylie was in the tabloids for. She really can’t catch a break it seems.

Kylie Cosmetics HQ looks every bit as extravagant as the company’s owner

Her Own Doing

This time around, being in the news is on account of her own doing, with the entrepreneur taking her YouTube followers on a tour through her office at Kylie Cosmetics. As we began by agreeing, the Kardashians and Jenners are all about being extra, and Kylie’s office epitomizes it all.

She starts the tour by showing off the minute details that you would normally overlook, such as bowls of M&Ms and Starbursts, before upping it a notch and showing a table full of magazine issues where many of her family members have graced the cover. They’re all celebrities so you better believe that these are a lot of magazines.

Stormi was the perfect partner-in-crime for this office tour

Her fridge is well stocked with a variety of drinks that you’d be spoilt for choice, and just to spice up things a little bit, she showed everyone her favorite drink but had it blurred out. Who does that? The Kardashian-Jenner family, obviously.

Kylie went on to reveal that she also stocks some alcoholic drinks in the office, but it wasn’t her idea. The bar cart is all Kris Jenner, her mom and manager. There’s also a champagne vending machine, but she insists that she’s never used it.

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