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Mariah Carey’s Luxurious Irish Hotel Suite Occupies an Entire Hotel Floor! But Here’s the Best Part…

It is a challenge for international superstars to stay out of sight while staying close to the venues of their events. Luckily for Maria Carey, Dublin got a five-star hotel located at the center of the city that can provide her optimal privacy.

The American singer-songwriter flew to Ireland to begin the European leg of the superstar’s Caution World Tour on May 22 in 3Arena. Unlike most of the celebrities who stay in the suburban area to fend off the public, Carey preferred to halt nearby the venue of her concert.

Maria Carey started her Caution World Tour European leg

Maria Carey Locked-In an Entire Floor of the Hotel

Based on the reports, the R&B star locked in the whole 2,600 square-foot James Joyce Suite at the InterContinental Dublin Hotel. The entire floor of the suite has inter-connected master’s bedroom furnished with an elegant king-sized bed, a dining room with eight-seat table, and an exquisite living room.

Carey’s exclusive lodging is equipped with its own kitchen bar, a private porch, a spacious hallway with an elegant botanic arrangement and James Joyce’s art collection. Its powder rooms are fully-stocked with L’Occitane coated in Italian marble.

Star-Studded Hotel

The five-star hotel has a variety of restaurants in it that provide different kinds of cuisine. There is no wonder why other famous personalities like Britney Spears, Adele, and Justin Timberlake have picked the same hotel over the past years. Many of its luxurious facilities include an award-winning spa ensuring the amenity of the guests.

InterContinental Dublin Hotel has an award-winning spa for relaxation

Aside from Maria Carey’s suite, the hotel has two other deluxe penthouse suites. The W.B. Yeats Suite and the Lady Gregory Suite holds the same features as the James Joyce Suite. But compared to Maria Carey’s suite, the other two are a bit smaller. The whole building has 208 more bedrooms that also showcase the hotel’s stunning interior designs.

The Spice Girls Love It Too!

The pop group Spice Girls also stayed in the same hotel in preparation for their Stadium Tour

On the same column of the calendar, the pop group Spice Girls were staying under the same roof with Maria Carey. The girl group came to Ireland for their Stadium Tour at Croke Park on May 24. It is also their reunion performance as a group since their London 2012 Olympics appearance.

There are no reports on which specific rooms the Spice Girls checked in but judging from Mel B’s clips and snapshots in her Instagram Stories, their accommodation is posh enough for them too.

InterContinental Dublin Hotel didn’t let the artists down. They were all satisfied and happy with the comfortable stay and maximum security. Both Maria Carey’s and the Spice Girls’ concerts are sold-out. Do you think it’s the hotel that brings them luck?

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