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‘The Matrix’ Is Getting Another Installment! Here’s a Look Back at How the Sci-Fi Franchise Made Its Star Keanu Reeves a Rich Man

Way before the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films gave actor Robert Downey Jr. a lucrative career comeback and jaw-dropping paychecks, Keanu Reeves was already enjoying the same with ‘The Matrix’ film series in the late 90s and early 00s.

And it looks like the 55-year-old actor’s latest ‘Keanussance’ is leading his career to come full circle with the recent announcement of a fourth Matrix film.

Back in the Matrix

Reeves and Moss played each other’s on-screen love interest in the sci-fi franchise

Sixteen years since the release of ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ in 2003, Reeves is reportedly returning together with co-star Carrie-Anne Moss to reprise their iconic roles as Neo and Trinity for Matrix 4. And according to sources, Lana Wachowski, one half of the creative duo behind the franchise, has already agreed to direct and write the latest installment of the series. Production will reportedly begin in 2020.

Apparently, Warner Brothers has actually been working to get the film together for years now but was unable to do so because of producing rights. But the company reportedly saw Reeves’ popularity resurgence as a great opportunity to introduce ‘The Matrix’ to the current generation.

The exact details of the new film’s plot still remain unknown. One thing’s for sure though, Reeves is about to get another financially lucrative role under his belt.

Big Paychecks

Reeves with the rest of the Matrix trilogy cast: Laurence Fishburne (leftmost), Jada Pinkett-Smith and Hugo Weaving

The original Matrix trilogy reportedly earned a total of $1.6 billion in global ticket sales. Unsurprisingly, its cast was compensated very well and also got a good taste of the films’ success.

Reeves, who got the main role after fellow actor Will Smith turned down the part, received a base salary of $10 million. But that’s only the beginning. He was given a part of the first film’s earnings after its surprising success bringing his total pay to $35 million. And that’s just for ‘The Matrix’.

Considering things like DVD sales, the box office earnings of the two sequels and other backend bonuses, Reeves earned an estimated $200 million for the entire franchise. And with the coming of a fourth Matrix film, this amount will definitely grow even larger.

Good Guy Keanu

Reeves’ kind and amiable personality has been praised by both his fans and Hollywood co-stars

But it’s not just about the money for the A-list actor. Back when he was negotiating his share of the films’ back-end profit, Reeves reportedly insisted giving a sizeable part of his own back-end points towards the movies’ costume design and special effects teams.

Apparently, the star thought that the members of these teams were actually ‘the true heroes’ of the Matrix movies. And he didn’t stop there, the generous actor also gave away Harley Davidson motorcycles to the films’ entire stunt team.

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