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They Have A Farm — And Lots Of Luxury Cars

Ted and Rae Segerstrom are wealthy, but only those who get the chance of moving closer to their farmhouse in Costa Mesa at California will know the power of the money they wield. The couple recently converted the barn meant for their horses into an automobile showroom-like garage where all the multi-million dollar worth of classic automobiles are packed.

A trip to the Segerstroms’ home in California opened a whole new world of affluence and excellent taste of choicest cars as Ted and Rae revealed their love for quality.

Starting from their car collection, the unseen truth about the billionaire couple has just begun.

Historically, the genesis of the Segerstrom’s wealth was dated way back to the 1960s. The senior Segerstrom, Ted’s father, turned one section of their farm property into a plaza, which has metamorphosed into one of the world’s most posh real estate based in the Southern Coast of California, also regarded as the greatest earning mall throughout the U.S.

The desire to always have exotic cars in his possession has been a part of Ted since he was a kid and the thirst has refused to go away up till this present time as an adult. His love story with Rae cannot be separated from his attachment to classic autos because this was a chapter in the history of their affair.

The Segerstroms

Ted went back memory lane on March 2nd, 1972, when he was just going out with Rae. On that particular day in March, they were involved in a car crash. However, Rae happily added that she still went ahead to marry him.

Ted has been in charge of selecting all the vintage muscle autos in the garage since over 30 years of their marriage, and he would group them into his desired categories. At the moment, the Segerstrom garage owns 87 vintage autos in his garage.

Exotic cars of the billionaire farmers.

Ted is an ardent lover of specially made cars built for special purposes so in case you are the type who don’t like the regular cars, trust Ted to help you pick a specialty one.

Caroll Shelby made cars dominated Ted’s garage. The car expert loves Caroll’s designed autos, and he is also a fan of the car racer.

He recalled growing up around Caroll Shelby whom he regarded as “a legend.”

One production of Caroll Shelby’s creative mind, two Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KRs that worth $85,000 made in 1968, is now under the protective control of the Segerstroms, and other notable high-powered vehicles from the stables of Shelby.

However, Ted has a treasure among all this Shelby’s array of four-wheeled mobiles which he cherished most, and it’s the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Paxton Supercharged built in 1966. It was the very first car ever made by Paxton Shelby, and it’s estimated to cost $500,000 in the present auto market. Truly, Ted confessed that he and his wife find it difficult to resist these cars because of the profound devotion they have for them.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

The Segerstrom love their cars to retain their original look as much as possible, so whenever they are brought into the Segerstrom garage straight from the factory, a rigorous restoration exercise will be done on each one of them for the purpose of preservation and retention. Some of these automobiles still have almost all their factory properties and details, Ted says.

He said they love original and conventional details to remain in their cars, for future references. When these things are preserved, the cars will be special and unique, and the Segerstroms will ensure that this tradition of preservation is maintained, he added.

Interestingly, this influential couple are not all about the luxuries, and good life money can buy, they also have a philanthropic vision to help the needy. In the future, they hope that all their cars will be exhibited in an automobile museum which they would love to run by themselves as a non-profit event. However, every penny that will be made from the exhibition will go into charity at the Children Medical Home owned by the Shriners, located in California, precisely in Pasadena. Ted affirmed that every profit that will be gathered at the exhibition on behalf of the company would be bestowed on that Children care Home and this will be a yearly affair. The Segerstroms have made this their life’s mission.

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