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Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Left a Multibillion Dollar Fortune When He Died & This Luxury Megayacht Is Part of That

Bill Gates isn’t the only man made rich by the success of Microsoft. His co-founder Paul Allen also benefited immensely from their now-legendary business venture in technology. In fact, Allen passed away last year with a reported net worth of $20.3 billion.

But with no wife or children to leave his fortune to, the business magnate’s assets are reportedly being liquidized one by one. The latest of which is his beloved megayacht, Octopus.

The Octopus

A look at the boat’s on-board swimming pool, hot tub and deck bar

The Microsoft co-founder’s 414-foot water vessel, Octopus, is reportedly now being sold for an asking price of $325.5 million. And it seems like that eye-popping price is justified.

Once the world’s largest yacht, the seacraft was built and delivered by the German builder Lurssen back in 2003. Although she no longer holds the distinction, the yacht remains to be billionaire-worthy. For one, it reportedly has not just one but two elevators on-board, one of which is exclusively accessible only by the owner.

Even more impressive is how it even fits in facilities like a basketball court, a library, a movie theater and a spa. It has a stunning glass-bottomed lounge as well. Meanwhile, the vessel also holds enough accommodations for a whopping 63-member crew and 13 guest cabins which can fit up to 26 guests.

Best Features

Octopus getting ready to launch its yellow submarine, Pagoo, underwater

That’s only the beginning though.

Another interesting feature of the megayacht is its ‘seaworthy’ recording studio which rock legend Mick Jagger used to record some songs in while on vacation in 2011. The Rolling Stones lead singer isn’t the only celebrity who’s had the privilege to stay aboard  Octopus though.

Supermodels and A-listers alike have partied on board, according to sources, while the vessel was docked in the Mediterranean during an international film festival.

But that recording studio seems to be no match for the yacht’s own eight-person submarine and remote-controlled underwater vehicle which guests could use to explore under the sea. The submarine can reportedly go on expeditions as deep as a thousand feet and features some built-in glass portholes so riders can observe the world beneath the water’s surface.

The Rest of the Estate

Allen befriended a young Gates while they were both attending a private school in Seattle because of a shared interest in computers

Meanwhile, the other half of Allen’s estate has already been earmarked for donation to various charitable causes. It can be remembered that the billionaire signed Gates’ The Giving Pledge initiative around a decade ago.

Still, lawyer Darren Wallace, who handles estate affairs for other uber rich individuals, says that it could take about three to five years to unravel the rest of Allen’s fortune. He also likened the billionaire’s personal holdings at the event of his death to the ‘dissolution of a major corporation’.

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