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With a Net-Worth of Over 400 Million Dollars, Mel Gibson Still Drives This Car!

It’s not every day you see a multimillionaire ride in the most basic of cars, and this is why it was a shock to all when Hollywood superstar Mel Gibson was seen driving a $12,000 Telsa to lunch.

The opinion of many was that for a celebrity who is rumored to worth about $400 million to want to drive a Telsa, he can comfortably get the most luxurious and in vogue one.

More Information On His Appearance

His appearance on this particular day also does not relate to that of a man of so much fame and attention, as he was only donning a plaited top on dark jeans and a pair of sandals.

Even the top that he was wearing was fully unbuttoned in a less civilized way, revealing nice white underwear. Mel nicely slicked back his hair and hung his glasses from the silver necklace he had around his neck.

Mel Gibson had a top on which he unbuttoned to reveal his white underwear. He as his glasses hanging from his necklace. Needless to say, he was looking badass.

It was also of note that the Telsa car was one of his many collections, and the last time he was seen driving in it was as far back as 2011, just a year following his car crash in a Maserati that costs over a hundred thousands of dollars.

This is just a part of his tasteful collection, for a man that is the proud owner of an island in faraway Fiji. Although it has to be said that the latest version of the car was credited for its ability to enhance an eco-friendly environment, and this is another reason that leaves a lot of people with the question of why Mel decided to ride in the car.

Mel Gibson Honors An Interview

Mel, 52 was in such an elegant mood, as he even smiled at the camera that was focused on him. He also was down for an interview, where he told fans to anticipate the Hacksaw Ridge movie he was directing, and being in his jovial state, he also bragged about his movie directing exploits, as well as the amount of award he has won as a movie director. Rounding off the interview saying he feels that he is a better director than he is an actor.

Mel drove this nice Tesla car to lunch

On His Next Movie

But even at that his latest movie set for a later released date this year in which he acted as an ex-convict trying to protect his daughter from men of the underworld, is already a rave of the moments. The title of the movie is “Blood Father.”

Mel has a new movie on the horizon titled “Blood Father” and this proves to be another blockbuster.

So is this an everyday life routine for Mel, or we are just lucky to catch him on his off day, time will tell, as the father of eight failed to give any comment on his appearance and why he chose to ride such an amazing car.

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