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A Night on This Private Island Will Cost You an Equivalent of 126 Round Trips from London to NY

Exactly what can £34,000 (0r $42,000) get you? Apparently, the amount pays for around 126 British Airways round trips from the UK’s capital to the Big Apple. It also translates to 1,789 nights in a certain cheap hotel somewhere in Cardiff. That’s almost five years’ worth of hotel rent!

But in the Maldives, and specifically on Coco Privé, £34,000 is the amount you’ll have to pay for just a single night. If you’re shocked, then you don’t know much about the lavish resorts in the Maldives. Frugality is foreign to them, and why wouldn’t it be if customers are ever streaming in even with their current prices?

£34,000 pays for a single night on this island

Last month, the Muraka undersea residence on Rangali Island opened its doors with prices starting from £47,000 ($60,000) and subject to the public demand. Naturally, the more the requests, the deeper the guests dip into their pockets.

Average Price

On average, hotel rooms in this South Asian country range from between £400 and £1,500 per night, but best believe that guests get the full value for their money. For starters, the room almost always comes with a private butler, and if they can afford this service, there’s little else that they can’t, right?

Back to Coco Privé, this is a private island spanning a mere 13,000 square foot space. It has a main residence plus five villas which, when combined, hold 12 guests. As The Independent’s Rachel Hosie describes it, it is ideal for those itching to spend their money on something extremely lavish.

This is especially so because the island comes as a complete package, meaning that you have to rent out the whole of it. If you can’t do it all on your own, then you have the option of splitting the cost with the other 11 guests that will accompany you.

What’s £34,000 divided by 12? That’s around £2,800 per person each night. Still pricey, but if the island’s reviews are anything to go by, you’ll never regret paying this insane amount for the ultimate Indian Ocean experience.

Thus far, the island has hosted quite the famous names, including lovebirds Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. The who’s who in the Arab world are also frequent guests on the island, and you don’t need a reminder on how wealthy those folks are.

These two know all about Coco Privé

Coco Privé is run and managed by Coco Collection, a brand that owns a couple of other resorts. The island is just 35 minutes away from the airport (Malé), a journey on which guests get to enjoy a private speedboat ride. The fact that Privé is this close to Malé airport makes it appealing to its guests, considering that some resorts are as far as a ninety-minute flight into the ocean.

Being Drawn In

As soon as you arrive, the ambiance draws you in as the staff welcomes you with beating drums, cool towels, and mocktails. As they work to have you settled in, the luxurious and stylish architecture on the villas is difficult to ignore.

The architecture is difficult to ignore

The master residence spots a hot tub, and some of the island’s villas feature private pools. In all of them, you get a clear view of the ocean, where marine life in the likes of baby sharks is abundant.

Food on the island is sublime, and everything is available as soon as you request any of the 35 butlers on-site to bring it to you. There’s also a gym and plenty of activities to keep you occupied on Privé, so there’s hardly ever a dull moment.

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