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Peek Inside Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen’s Elegant New York Home

When two stinking rich celebrities come together in matrimonial union, then no doubt that their lifestyles will be nothing short of glamour. Quarterback player, Tom Brady, and the renowned international model, Gisele Bündchen, are living the life of their dreams in the paradisical skyline of Manhattan in New York City, where a $14 million worth of mansion shelters them. Below is a brief introduction of the stars and clear sneak-peek into their majestic lodge.

Meet The Celebrity Couple

The power couple

A force to be reckoned with in the New England quarterback team of Patriots, Tom Brady is an exemplary star player and a brand ambassador for big names like Glaceau Smartwater, Movado, and Uggs. Tom’s annual take-home pay is over $7 million from just endorsements, and in 2016, he established his personal brand line of snacks called ‘TB12’, strictly for vegans.

His romance with Gisele Bündchen, the beautiful supermodel of the Brazilian origin, began in 2006 and three years later, they tied the knots precisely in 2009.

In 2014, Gisele was named the 89th Most Powerful Woman globally because of her giant stride accomplishments in international modeling. The 36-year-old had a successful 7-year career with Victoria’s Secret and also had some stints in the Hollywood world while developing her modeling brand in collaboration with many firms. Gisele is also a staunch conservationist and a benevolent woman who is deeply involved in charity projects.

The Couple’s Net worths

Tom Brady

There are no doubts that Tom and Gisele are very endowed with fat bank accounts, but a closer look at their individual monetary values will give better clarity.

Tom Brady is a member of England’s quarterback team playing for New England; the Patriots. The team is estimated to worth almost $200 million, higher financial weight than the majority of its contemporaries in the quarterback sports sector.

As for Tom, life got better when he recently landed an endorsement deal with the team, and the two-year appointment is worth $41 million, in addition to a bonus credited to him for signing the contract estimated at $28 million and a mouth-watering wage of about $20.5 million every year.

He also has other ambassadorial deals in his kitty; one of them is his position on the NFL rankings of highest earning players with an annual cash gift of $7 million. He was $5 million below Peyton Manning who earns $12 million worth of endorsements per year.

Gisele Bündchen

Tom is rich, but Gisele is way richer. She has been among the wealthiest models worldwide since 2004. A jaw-dropping $360 million is what she stashed away both in cash and assets, thanks to all her numerous investments, businesses, ambassadorial deals and of course, her profession as a model.

As of 2016, the supermodel has made up to about $30.5 million. The Bradys’ net worth put together is around $540 million. Stinking rich indeed!

Inside the Bradys’ breath-taking mansion

The couple’s $14 million cribs is situated among the numerous condos stacked in the popular Madison House in Manhattan. Their residence is founded on the 47th floor, not far underneath the triple floored penthouse estimated at $50 million, and this is a perfect spot for a beautiful skyline accessibility.

Yabu Pushelberg is in charge of the One Madison mansion’s interior designs. Yabu Pushelberg is a popular name in the interior designing because the New York and Canadian based company was behind the lovely interiors in big constructions across the world, like the New York-based Caroline Herrera mall and the Mexico based Las Alcobas hotel.

The Bradys wouldn’t have bought this lovely apartment if their initial plan had worked out. Tom and Gisele had first wanted to get a duplex worth $11.5 million located at the Walker Tower, West 18th Street. However, fate eventually brought them here in 2013.

The stylish sitting room

This sitting room is beautifully painted in acoustic color which amplifies its cool ambiance.  A stranger who walks in here will have plenty of rooms to relax.

At the cranny sitting room, the eastern and northern wings come to view, complemented with a free-formatted floor area to accommodate the natural brightness. Although the initial price tag for the crib was $16.5 million, the Bradys were lucky to get a discount of $2.5 million.

Kitchen area is like another sitting room


Tom and Gisele knew the importance of watching over their kids while going about the business of cooking. That is the reason they chose a wide corner to suit this purpose. The couple’s diet plans also added to the frequent use of the kitchen as they both observe a strict vegetarian lifestyle, which constitutes 75% of their daily meals.

Allen Campbell, the family cook, is also a vegan who supports this type of lifestyle because to him, when diet centers around vegetables and fruits alone, diseases will be prevented, and one’s immune system will be boosted. You can’t find salt that contains iodine, white sugar, caffeine, canola oil, dairy foods and white flour in their meals. The children are not left out from this routine as well because the Bradys want a complete healthy family.

Inside The Bradys’ Beautiful Bathrooms

One bathroom is built inside the master bedroom (the biggest), another is inside the guest room, and yet another half bathroom is found inside the hall opposite the biggest room in the crib. These washing rooms are decorated with flawless lines and natural illumination to maintain standard styles.

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