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A Picturesque Hotel Just Opened in the North Pole, But It’s More Expensive Than the Average 5-Star

Have you ever in your wildest dreams thought about a North Pole hotel? You’d probably figured that the place was too cold even for a visit.

You must have thought that the North Pole is too cold to visit

But what’s that thing Mandela said? It always looks impossible until someone does it. And the people opening up the northernmost hotel in the world happen to be Luxury Action.

Never heard of them? Then you must not be that big on travel, seeing as they are a travel company hailing from Scandinavia. They specialize in private travel and have luxury packages, tailor-made by the way, for trips to the European Arctic and Nordic countries.

Setting the Bar Higher

For their North Pole project, the company has just set a higher bar for adventure and related activities. As you may very well know, the poles are inaccessible and rather inhospitable almost all year round, so Luxury Action had to be very bold to come up with this.

As it turns out, the ultimate North Pole experience can only be enjoyed once a year, and that’s in April. This, unsurprisingly, is the only time that the pole is accessible to the outside world.

So, have you asked yourself how they plan to run a hotel up there, and under such extreme weather conditions? The folks at Luxury Action are quite innovative, their solution being glass igloos, heated ones of course.

Heated glass igloos will do the trick

These igloos, they say, have been tested to withstand the harshest of conditions at the arctic, and come self-contained. As for the hotel itself, it can be described as a campsite and comes with a camp manager, a chef, a guide for the arctic wilderness, and a well-versed security team.

2020 is when Luxury Action is poised to begin these rare trips to the North Pole, and you better believe that they don’t come cheap. If you’re interested, be prepared to part with at least $105,000 for the arctic experience, and the amount may be higher subject to your customized package.

All the same, Luxury Action’s founder and CEO Janne Honkanen insists that taking the trip will be totally worth your while and that the location of the hotel is the safest spot on the arctic. And although the CEO admits that the North Pole venture is a bit extreme even for them, he is confident that the project will be sustainable.

There’s More

Just so you know, the North Pole isn’t the only item on offer on this trip. There’s also a two-night hotel stay in Svalbard, which is a region of Norwegian islands between the North Pole and mainland Norway, with transportation from Svalbard to the pole available.

Svalbard is as good a destination as any

For those who may be hardcore adventurists, that the stay at the North Pole is only a single night may be a little disappointing, but you have to give credit to the travel company. Whoever imagined that there’d be a hotel in the arctic?

And the fact that Luxury Action provides everything you need for the excursion is an absolute plus for them. The only thing they ask of you is to pay up (obviously) and have that strong-willed spirit for such a trip. Think you can do that?

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