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Relationship Goals: Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are Planning to Collect Something Really Special Together

A Baseball MVP

Alex Rodriguez stayed in the Yankees’ team as an adviser after his retirement

Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, is one of the most prominent personalities in the world of baseball. He holds several record-breaking achievements in the history of his chosen sport, including more than sixhundred home runs and an outstanding record of .295 batting average.

Aside from his exceptional performance during the regular seasons, he is also well known in the annual Midsummer Classic. He dominated the Major League Baseball All-Star Game by being hailed as the All-Star fourteen times throughout his career. A-Rod received three Most Valuable Player Awards in the American League, two Gold Glove Awards, and he’s also a ten-time Silver Slugger awardee.

An Iconic Superstar

Jennifer Lopez is a mega-force in the entertainment industry, making a career in both music and movie industries

His fiancé Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, has built a true empire in the entertainment industry. This couple must have a thing on setting world records because J-Lo was the woman to hit the number one spot for both of her album J.Lo and film The Wedding Planner in the same week.

She started her career as a backup dancer for the American boy band New Kids on the Block in 1991, but she knew that hiding in the shadows was not her destiny. She embraced the spotlight by releasing her own albums, starring in several films, and touring across the globe.

A Couple that Collects Artworks Together, Stays Forever

J-Lo and A-Rod began their romantic relationship in February 2017, and announced their engagement in March 2019. They may be living in completely two different worlds, career-wise, but they do have a lot of things in common. One of them is that they both love collecting art masterpieces. In fact, they’re taking the commitment game seriously by deciding to start their own art collection as a couple.

A-Rod is selling two of his art collection to start a new hoard of art pieces with J-Lo

On June 27, 2019, two of A-Rod’s precious possessions will be at the Phillips auction house in London. He will be selling Jean-Michael Basquiat’s Pink Elephant with Fire Engine and Richard Prince’s Mustang Painting, both for 6.5 million.

They Have the Same Taste in Art!

Collecting art pieces together won’t be a problem for them. Even before they even knew each other personally, they already had the same taste in art. The Neo-Pop artist Peter Tunney confirmed that in an interview when he discussed that the two art lovers were his avid customers before they began dating.

Perhaps, the duo’s first piece of art can be one of Tunney’s workmanship? I guess we’ll find out soon, but for now, everyone is excited about their upcoming wedding. Jennifer Lopez said in an interview that they don’t have a date for their nuptials yet. Both of them have a lot on their plates for the rest of the year, and the wedding date may lie around the parking lot for a little while.

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