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Ritz-Carlton’s New Luxury Yachts Could Give Titanic a Cruise for Its Money, Here’s a Look Inside

According to Travel Market Report’s Jessica Montevago, the luxury hotel chain Ritz-Carlton is delaying the launch of its cruise ships by up to four months. Originally slated for early 2020, the pioneer yacht will now set sail as from 14th June, the same year.

The luxury ships the Ritz-Carlton is set to launch

Montevago goes on to report that hitherto, the company has surpassed its original budget for the project by approximately $55 million. However, when reached for a comment on this claim, the company’s spokesperson declined to offer their comment.

Reservations Open

In 2017, the Ritz-Carlton announced its intention to launch a cruise line, with three pioneer ships projected to be out in the seas in three years’ time. Come 2018, interested parties were allowed to make reservations for the inaugural cruise, but those waiting for this trip will have to wait till mid-2020.

Naturally, the Ritz-Carlton clientele comprises of the super-rich, no wonder Bloomberg report that those on board will be a mere one percent of global travelers. For voyage prices ranging from $3,100 to as high as $10,100, the claim by the media outlet isn’t far from the truth.

Business Insider describes the ships as being the midpoint of an ocean liner and a super-yacht, and if that doesn’t scream luxurious, nothing ever will. As for the prices, they are subject to the length of your trip, as well as the location you’ll be heading out to.

If this doesn’t scream luxurious, nothing ever will

As the outlet continues to report, these Ritz-Carlton ships are here to defy all existing stereotypes in the field, going overboard just to add the extra oomph. For starters, they’ll have larger rooms compared to the average ship. They’ll also come with spacious common spaces and a spa onboard.

As for the 149 suites, they can comfortably accommodate a 298-guestlist. Each suite, wait for it, features a private terrace. If that isn’t the epitome of an out in the seas experience! For one to pay for such a voyage, they must love watching miles of the seemingly blue water stretching as far as the eye can see. And thinking about it, don’t you wish you could experience it too?

A Guide for Your Itinerary

What’s more, each suite comes with a personal assistant who’ll always be at the guest’s beck and call, and wouldn’t you love it having someone guiding you through your itinerary? This way, you are sure to enjoy every single thing you set out to when the ship set sail.

As Lisa Holladay, the company’s Global Brand Leader puts it, the experience aboard any of these ships will be as perfect as that of any of their hotels. It may even be better, considering how much one can see while out in the seas.

Lisa Holladay says that the on-board experience will be as perfect as that of any other Ritz-Carlton hotel

Think of the numerous schools of fish, dolphins having fun, a whale blowing out streams of water from its blowhole – the possibilities are literally endless. You can also sunbathe or go for a swim out in the ocean at designated spots, and that, to be honest, is an experience to die for.

Throughout each trip, guests will be entertained by a host of local talents sourced from the town the ship anchors. There’ll definitely be many stopovers which translate to more entertainment for those on board.

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