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Short on Cash? These Top 5 Travel Destinations Will Easily Fit into Your Holiday Budget

This may be the first you’re hearing of Madhya Pradesh and East Nusa Tenggara, but if Lonely Planet could have its way, either of these would be your next holiday destination. They are respectively located in Indonesia and India, and the travel guide insists that they are the vacations spots that provide value for your money.

The two destinations rank high in Lonely Planet’s Best Value list of destinations Americans should consider for 2020, but not everything in that list is unfamiliar. Other places you can visit include Athens and Budapest, and you may not even have to leave the country as Buffalo, New York also features.

Athens is pretty familiar

Tourism officials in Buffalo were definitely pleased that the travel guide had them on their list, with the local tourism blog reiterating that although visiting Buffalo would be much cheaper than most other destinations, all visitors would be privy to a world-class experience.

The content operations director at Lonely Planet agrees with this school of thought, saying that it is possible for tourists to have the time of their lives while still not going overboard on the financial aspect of it. Sticking to a budget, Evan Godt says, is what their destination list is centered around.

According to data from the United Nations, Americans are the second-most abundant international travelers, bested only by the Chinese. In 2017, US citizens touring the world spent $135 billion, with this amount being an increase of 9% from 2019. The same data reports that France, the Dominican Republic, the UK, Canada, and Mexico are the most preferred travel destinations for this cohort.

And although it may seem as though everyone is eager to spend big while vacationing, most travelers aren’t willing to get into debt for this reason. According to Traveler Survey, only 27% of Generation X individuals would borrow to facilitate travel, with the number being more for millennials (37%) and less (15%) for baby boomers.

With Lonely Planet’s list though, running into debt over a vacation may be a thing of the past. How about a look at the top five destinations that make that list?

East Nusa Tenggara

500 islands make this province

Located in Indonesia as previously mentioned, this is the country’s southernmost province. Up to 500 Indian Ocean islands make up the region, and that tells you all you need to know to pack your bags.

Budapest, Hungary

European cities just have a certain vibe to them, don’t they? And Budapest just happens to be up there with the very best. Situated in Central Europe, there’s nothing to dislike about this grand dame.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh buzzes with wildlife

Referred to fondly as The Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is among the largest states in the country. It boasts a huge wildlife population, and Lonely Planet says that the game drives here are cheaper than in Africa.

Buffalo, New York

This is a large city bursting with life, and that the Niagara Falls aren’t that far away makes it the place to be.


This country is a perfect fit for historians, especially since it was once a Soviet republic. Costs here are quite cheap, with high-quality food and accommodation going for way less than you’d expect.

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