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The Sultan of Brunei Owns a Private Zoo, Ferrari Race Cars, Yachts, and Here’s What Will Leave You Speechless

The leader of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah knows how to catch the public’s attention these days. His name is on the headlines of international news and critics all over the world are talking about him.

The Sultan got a lot of criticism for proposing harsh laws to the rainbow society, as he is known to enforce a strict Islamic culture in Brunei. Howerver, Bolkiah soon took back his words after many Western politicians and Hollywood stars shared their disappointment and dismay about the law.

It is not the first time that the Sultan received bashing. Even before implementing the strict Islamic culture, the leader of Brunei was called out for his luxurious, indulgent, and posh lifestyle.

The 72-year-old sultan reportedly had his hair done for $20,000, commissioned a 1,788 room palace, and bought expensive Ferraris for his racing hobby. Who could blame the critics for saying such bashful things?

Bolkiah’s Earlier Years

Sultan Bolkiah got married to his cousin Pengiran Anak Saleha on an arranged marriage

During his teenage years, he was actually very low-key. He took his secondary education at The Victoria Institution in Malaysia after years of home-schooling. He finished studying in 1965 and got married to her cousin Pengiran Anak Saleha at the age of 19.

Saleha gave birth to four lovely daughters and two mighty sons. Bolkiah had four more children and two other wives. Their family is known for arranging fixed marriages within their bloodline to pass on the throne.

His father, Omar Ali Saifuddien III, passed down the crown to Bolkiah as he sat on his throne as the 29th Sultan of Brunei from their ancestry in 1968 after his military training in England.

The Sultan’s Lavish Lifestyle

Despite the responsibilities of being a newly-wed man and leader of their nation, Bolkiah didn’t let his youth go to waste. He started buying lavish possessions such as sports cars, superyachts, and hotels. He spent a lot of time and money in casinos with his brother Prince Jefri as well.

Prince Jefri of Brunei was said to be the main influence of the Sultan’s over-spending habits

Aside from that, the sultan got himself his own zoo containing 30 Bengal tigers and several species of birds which can do tricks such as shooting a basketball ball, singing songs, and cycling. Bolkiah takes pride in his private animal shelter whenever world leaders come to visit Brunei.

Time to Man-Up!

Sultan Bolkiah continues to be a responsible leader to the people of Brunei

But just like any other world leader, the call of duty will come forward to be the priority over unnecessary leisure stuff. The Sultan got tired of tolerating his brother’s lavish behavior and kicked him out from his position as the finance minister with allegations of spending over $16 million worth of national funds.

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