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Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is an exceptional actor from the bygone era of Hollywood and is among the men who have bolstered their personas on the silver screen by tremendous performances. He is also acknowledged for his offscreen antics despite being known as one of the greatest actors of his generation.

The veteran star has received the highest accolades along with paychecks ever offered from Hollywood and has a legendary lifestyle. He has been the notorious bad boy of Hollywood getting involved in numerous controversies during his younger days. Presently the 80-year-old legend of the screen is worth $390 million and we are taking a look at some of the experiences and stories behind this fascinating actor.

He bought Marlon Brando’s house just to raze it

 Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson Purchased Marlon Brando’s Property For $5 Million Just to Convert It Into A Garden Of Frangipani Flowers.

The legendary actor Marlon Brando was a good friend of Nicholson and also a neighbor. When Marlon Brando passed away in 2005, the home he was living in was put up for sale which was picked up by Nicholson. The home was purchased for $5 million but he decided not to retain the property for long.

He demolished the property and converted the area into a garden by planting frangipani flowers. It must be noted that the longtime property of Brando had also been named ‘Frangipani.’ Hollywood star Warren Beatty was also a neighbor living close by and the section of Mulholland Drive where he and Beatty lived was given the name “Bad Boy Drive.”

He has an impressive art collection

Nicholson’s love for art is as legendary as his acting prowess and he is the owner of original works of art from acknowledged printers such as Picasso, Matisse, Botero, and Rodin. He was ranked fifth among the list of the top 10 art collectors from Hollywood with the staggering collection of $100 million. However, he doesn’t have anything on George Lucas who is the owner of a collection worth $600 million just as Lucas doesn’t have anything on the collection of David Geffen whose art collection is valued at $2.3 billion.

He can sketch Tom and Jerry

 Jack Nicholson

Nicholson’s Time With William Hanna And Joseph Barbera Has Given Him The Ability To Sketch Tom and Jerry Perfectly.

Nicholson did not begin his art collection with Picasso and Matisse. His job in Hollywood began as an assistant for William Hanna and Joseph Barbera who were the animators behind the cartoons of Tom and Jerry. He has retained the art of sketching the cartoon characters who have provided plenty of entertainment to people throughout the world.

His temper cost him $500,000 in a road rage incident

When driving to a golf course in 1994, Nicholson was cut off from traffic by another driver. The actor was stressed from his schedule at work and also mourning the death of a friend. He vented his fury by grabbing a barely used golf club which was his 2 iron to smashed the offending driver’s windshield. His actions cost him $500,000 which he paid out of court to settle the matter. He had a reputation with his temper even during his jobs as a cook when looking for acting jobs. He reportedly snarled at his customers when they approached him with complaints of any type.

He owns the Joker costume he wore in the film

 Jack Nicholson

The Joker From the Movie Batman Brought Nicholson $60-$90 Million But the Costume Just Cost $70,000.

Nicholson saw his dreams coming true when he was asked to portray the character of the Joker in the Batman movie produced by Tim Burton in 1989. The role brought immense profits for the talented actor and was in the region of $60-$90 million and he was especially proud of his performance when playing the maniacal Joker. The $70,000 he paid to purchase the Joker costume was merely loose change compared to the kind of money he made by portraying the iconic character.

As it can be clearly understood Jack Nicholson wasn’t a joker of any type despite playing the role. However, an image of the Joker was featured prominently at a ceremony of the American Film Institute which awarded him the lifetime achievement award in 1994.

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