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Tourist Destinations In Europe Worth Standing In A Queue For

Every country throughout the world has tourist destinations which are crowded but are favored by tourists who don’t mind standing in a queue just to get a glimpse of their favorite destination. Europe is home to a number of landmarks which are favored by tourists for their spectacular beauty and the kind of views they offer.

The industry of tourism wouldn’t be able to make much headway unless they offered tourists and experience of a different kind. Governments of different countries are making huge investments in the upkeep and maintenance of the destinations favored by tourists. We are looking at a few destinations in Europe that tourists don’t mind standing in a queue for.

The Shard, London

standing in a queue

The Shard of London is a great place to view the London skyline, even waiting in a queue.

Tourists that want to have a great view of the London skyline will not find another spot than the Shard of London. Reaching the viewing desk will cost tourists when they are herded together with other tourists to get a spot by the Windows. Tourists that are looking for a better alternative can visit the Gong bar which is located a floor below the viewing deck. They will be required to book a table at the bar and also make a commitment to spend at least £30 to view the skyline by sitting in the beautiful bar. However, they will also have an opportunity to enjoy some of the best cocktails created by the masters of the trade. The view they get is not compromised in any way and tourists are advised to use the Gong bar rather than wait in a queue at the viewing deck.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

This is one of the most beautiful amusement parks depending on the period of the year you are visiting. Tourists visiting Tivoli Gardens during Christmas will find the entire park themed with huge sums of money spent on lights and decorations. They can get to view lakes with small boats along with buildings which have a Chinese theme along with a number of small cafés and restaurants where having a glass of Glogg to get away from the cold will not be difficult.

Aya Sofya, Turkey

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The Aya Sofya was a church, a mosque and is now a museum and a place worth waiting in a queue to watch.

The grand ornate structure of the Aya Sofya which has existed for three millennia has been a church, a mosque and is presently a museum. It fuses beauty and history into a breathtaking site which has to be experienced to get a better understanding of the structure. It has the capacity to absorb large crowds that are traveling to Istanbul to visit the Aya Sofya and is acknowledged as one of the great buildings of the world.

The Uffizi Gallery, Italy

Tourists can spend half a day standing in a queue when they decide to visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. This is one of the museums which is frequented mostly by tourists throughout the world and attracts 10,000 visitors every day during the peak season. In order to experience the sheer magnitude of the collection of the Uffizi, Gallery tourists are advised to visit this destination at least twice failing which they are unlikely to experience the art collection which is housed within.

Camden lock market, London

Tourists and locals visit the famous Camden Lock market throughout the year

Tourists looking to purchase some funky clothes and authentic gifts can visit the Camden lock and market which has become globally famous. They will have an opportunity to purchase a fabulous array of antiques if they visit the place on a Saturday. After completing the shopping they have planned tourists can spend time in a typical London pub for a pint and some food.

Pena Palace, Portugal

Tourists will find visiting the Pena Palace similar to stepping into a storybook. This huge palace is right on top of the hills over Sintra and walking through the interiors will help tourists to visualize Portuguese royalty living within its walls. They will also enjoy taking pictures of the pastel colors even as they enjoy the extravagant architecture.

The Royal Palace, Spain

Standing in a queue

The largest palace in Europe which is also the least known is the Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain.

The largest palace in Europe which is perhaps the least known is the Royal Palace in Madrid. Tourists who do not intend standing in a queue must visit this palace early in the morning unless they are prepared to return disappointed.

These are some of the places we have chosen as the tourist destinations in Europe you wouldn’t mind standing in a queue for. Of course, you can certainly avoid the queues by making an early start with proper planning but even if you are late and have to wait in a queue you will be pleased with your decision because the effort will be worth the time spent.

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