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Travis Scott Honored Kylie Jenner’s Big Day with An Unbelievably Expensive Gift!

Kylie Jenner just turned 22, and her birthday didn’t come without incident. In commemoration of her milestone, the budding entrepreneur launched a money-themed cosmetics line, naming it “The Birthday Collection.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong that, is there?

Kylie’s Birthday Collection

Unfortunately, most of the online community didn’t see it that way. Those who were anti the collection were of the opinion that the 22-year-old was showing off, rubbing it into our faces that we’re not as moneyed as she is.

Why would people take issue with her products, yet they were all of the same quality as all others Kylie Cosmetics has launched? Sadly, we may never know.

Italy All the Way

All the same, the online backlash didn’t keep Kylie from celebrating her birthday. As if to show everyone that she was unfazed, guess where she took the party to? Italy, a prime celebrity destination, as John Legend evidenced earlier in the summer.

Naturally, the young lady wasn’t partying alone. Family and friends accompanied her on the trip, and not even Travis Scott was about to be left out. You do know that Scott is Kylie’s baby daddy, don’t you? The two are currently seeing each other, and have a daughter, Stormi Webster, who’s just a little over a year old.

What more could Stormi ask for?

Throughout their relationship, Scott has made a habit of spoiling his partner with lavish gifts, and if you thought that he would disappoint this time around, think again. Last year it was a Rolls Royce, custom made to specifications he knew Kylie would love.

So what would 2019’s gift be? A bespoke Elliantte necklace, featuring Kylie’s Dripping lip. Nothing labels a Kylie Jenner gift more custom made than her logo, right? It’s just like that Drake owl that’s all over everything he owns. He has even tattooed it on his chest, but let’s not digress.

According to The Innersane, the gift necklace costs anywhere from $375,000 to $500,000. Pricey much? You bet! But Travis Scott is good for it J And yet, jewelry expert Michael Fried insists that the exquisite piece must definitely be worth half a million. Whatever the price, you bet Kylie doesn’t care so long as the necklace rests on her neck!

He Couldn’t Help Himself

Knowing Travis, he just couldn’t help himself, seeing as the necklace wasn’t the only thing, he got his baby mama. Before they were out on the Italian coast, the man had hinted of big things being in the offing by painting Kylie’s house red with flowers in the thousands. The roses came with just but a simple card, letting her know that the gesture was just the beginning.

Travis painted the house red with roses

As you would expect, Kylie had to react to the gift on social media, uploading several pictures and captioning them with as expressive an emoji as you would like. She didn’t stop at posting the necklace either. Why wouldn’t she share a picture of herself in it? We had to see how great it looked on her, or is it how good she looked in it?

Travis, on the other hand, uploaded a host of throwback images of the couple, wishing her the happiest of birthdays. In his caption, he referred to her as “wifey” and whatever you choose to make of that is entirely in your hands!

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