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Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey’s Stunning Sea Cliff Houses, Will Take Your Breath Away!

What better way to spend your almost $5 billion fortune than to expand your Sea Cliff property?

The internet genius, Jack Dorsey, reportedly purchased the two-story home, which sits next to his current residence. The 3, 588 square-feet estate has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-car parking garage.

Jack Dorsey bought a $21.5 million Sea Cliff property next to his current house to expand his compound

Wildlife Enthusiast

It may sound humdrum, but the estate has a variety of wildlife to offer. With age-old trees surrounding the property, foxes, coyotes, and mountain lions running freely in the woods. Different species of birds serenade you twenty-four-seven from their shaded point of vantage.

Jack Dorsey’s Twin Sea Cliff Properties

Similar to his two-bedroom mid-century contemporary lodging, the second one has breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Ocean. He acquired the property before the end of 2018 to bolster his Sea Cliff Empire. It seems like two bedrooms aren’t enough anymore for the chief executive officer of the two of the most substantial social media platforms online; Twitter and Square.

Way back in February 2012, he bought the El Camino Del Mar house, where he currently lives in. It was reportedly the most-costly two-bedroom property in the city, which he obtained for $9,990,000. On a calm, sunny day, it gives you a magnificent sighting of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay.

The transaction for his latest purchase was off the market, so there are only a few details about the new addition to Dorsey’s property. Although, based on the reports, Dorsey’s $21.5 million deal broke Marc Benioff’s record for the most expensive Sea Cliff sale. Salesforce’s CEO purchased his Sea Cliff home for $18 million in 2009.

Salesforce’s CEO, Marc Benioff, bought an $18 million Sea Cliff property way back in 2009

Dorsey discretely acquired the house to a Thai family, who originally owned the property. Built in 1962, the seller bought the estate for around $2.85 in 1997. That sounds like a good deal for the Asian family.

Money Can Buy You Happiness

Jack Dorsey is currently living in a two-bedroom Sea Cliff estate near his newly-purchased mansion

Summing up the two residences, Dorsey now has a total of 1.2-acre Sea Cliff estate that costs around $32 million. His sea-side kingdom holds seven bedrooms over-looking the ocean and the woody forest.

Dorsey once said that the sea is a big help for his critical thinking. It seems like it has been helping him so much that he decided to occupy a wider compound. Who could blame him? He got plenty of money to spend on properties that are beneficial to his peace of mind. In that way, he can focus on generating more money in his businesses. Such a life!

Aside from his twin Sea Cliff estates, Jack Dorsey also has a $4.2 million state-of-the-art property in Los Angeles. His girlfriend resides in the 2017 AIA architectural award-winning Hollywood Hills home.

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