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You’ll Be Surprised How Much Was the Highest Bid For Princess Diana’s Iconic Virgin Atlantic Gym Sweater

Princess Diana was well-known for her charity works that mainly involved children

The life of a celebrity doesn’t have much privacy. There are lenses everywhere watching every move you make, following you wherever you go. Most of the famed individuals decided to learn how to live with it, but Princess Diana thought of a clever idea, to shoo away the paparazzi.

The Iconic Virgin Atlantic Gym Sweater

An anonymous collector bought Princess Diana’s Virgin Atlantic gym sweater for $53,521

Imagine getting out of the gym after a tiring workout with the press waiting for you outside on a daily basis. It must be really annoying to hear the camera’s shutter every day, and the princess was never a fan of the fame and glory. If she’s going to be in the newspaper, she would rather share with the public her political opinions than her private life.

But, since she was the Princess of Wales, people kept minding her business. She knew the journalists would not stop taking photos of eveyrthing she would wear and do, including her gym attire. So, to kill the vibe and bore the media, she wore the same sweater every single day creating an illusion that the photographs taken by the press were from the same day.

It Sold in Auction for $53,521!

After successfully getting rid of the paparazzi, she gave the iconic Virgin Atlantic gym sweater to her personal trainer Jenni Rivett as a souvenir. Several decades have passed, the sweater reappeared at the RR Auction. A collector who’s residing in California purchased it for a whopping $53,521. The highest bidder requested to keep his identity anonymous.

Princess Diana’s Legacy

Princess Diana’s royal duties included dangerous works like disabling land miles

Born on July 1, 1961, Princess Diana was a well-known activist and philanthropist. Her charity works included educating people about mental health issues, campaigns to help AIDS victims, and developing the educational and health system for the youth. She also took a huge part in removing land miles and in helping people that were dying due to cancer.

The public loved the Princess of Wales for her passion in her patronages, and her style and charisma became an icon. Her popularity made her the most photographed woman on Earth. Who could blame the photographers? Princess Diana was phenomenally photogenic! That’s why they couldn’t help themselves taking photos of her even though she was just walking to her car on her gym suit.

Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, and they raised two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Due to some personal differences and third-party affairs, the royal couple decided to end their marriage in 1996. Her love story was certainly far from a fairy-tale one, although her great legacy follows through her offspring. Her sons have honored her charity works and continued her missions.

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