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Apple States Its HomePod Worth $350 Can Reinvent Home Music

Apple is introducing its first major product after the Apple watch was introduced. It will be called the HomePod but it is not like something which Apple has done before. It is a new speaker which is powered by the home assistant Siri and is similar to the Google home or the Amazon echo with a few changes to the concept of a home speaker.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has stated that the device is an attempt by the manufacturing giant to reinvent home music. Coming from an individual of his stature questions will definitely be asked about what is different in the HomePod as compared to the competition? Would people be prepared to spend additional money for the device during the holiday season? We have attempted to get some answers to you and the information is provided below.

This gadget costs more than its competitors


The price of the HomePod is higher than Amazon echo and the Google home.

The Amazon Echo is priced at $180 and the Google home is available for a price of $129. In stark contrast, the HomePod is valued at $300 which is near twice the price of the competition. People who have become accustomed to purchasing speakers from the competition would perhaps believe Apple is charging a higher price because it is considered as a premium brand. Whether it is true or not can be judged by the following information:

  • The center of the device holds a four-inch woofer.
  • The base of the speaker has a ring of seven tweeters.
  • Powering the speaker is an A8 chip from Apple which is also the same chip which powers the iPhone.

Apple could have made the speaker look attractive or even increased the size but comments are being made the extra price is being demanded the quality of the device. This far it is unknown whether music enthusiasts that are already purchasing the cheaper models will opt for the speaker which will be released during the holiday season.

Works in harmony with other Apple devices


Owners of Apple devices are a pampered lot and expect their devices to wait on them constantly.

Owners of Apple devices are usually accustomed to having a home assistant constantly waiting on them and the HomePod is just an extension of the services provided by Apple devices. People who decide to invest money in the device will find it beneficial because they would have the capacity to ask questions they usually do with their Apple devices and rest assured they will get the answers they are looking for. They will have no difficulties obtaining reminders, directions and even listening to music. Apple, however, hasn’t confirmed whether the speaker will be supporting apps from third parties and some of the most popular third-party apps don’t seem like making a beeline for the device. Apple is not providing any information about these aspects at least this far.

This device is ‘self-aware’

Speakers are designed to be placed in any part of the home but this speaker is perhaps the only device which considers the room it has been placed in. It only takes seconds for the HomePod after being placed in a room and plugged to gather the information about its surroundings. Thereafter it delivers a highly optimized listening experience regardless of the kind of room it has been placed in. The speaker has the ability to focus the sound waves into parts of the room populated by people. This may sound like a brilliant idea which may not be preferred by many people.


The HomePod provides an opportunity to owners of the device to control smart home belongings.

This speaker from Apple gives its owners an opportunity to control their smart home belongings. Siri always listens to the owners of the device and with the HomePod people can even request to switch on the kitchen lights or even change the temperature of the room. However, Apple is presently not concentrating on the long list of functions that can be performed by the speaker because of the limitations which are evident in Siri and is, therefore, promoting the speaker as a high-end device.

Apple music subscribers will find that the HomePod is a must-have device if they wish to stream music seamlessly. Amazon echo and Google home do not support subscription music services from Apple. The only option available for people with other devices will be to pair their devices by using the Bluetooth mode. People would, however, be compromising on their ability to speak to the device and get it to respond as demanded.

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