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Are You Big on Credit Card Rewards? Here Are the Best Options on the Market for You

Who doesn’t love credit card rewards? The cash backs, miles, points, everything. There’s also the sign-up bonus which most people use for vacations. The thing is that as soon as you’ve banked your first one, you’re on the hook. You’ll always want to re-do it again.

Luckily, there are a lot of credit cards that pay more than a single point per every dollar you spend. As such, your daily spending, say, gas, travel, or dining can see you accumulate points without breaking a sweat.


You may want to especially maximize your spending on food, with this expenditure being a favorite among Americans. According to the Business Insider, Americans spent $3,424 on dining between 2017-2018.

So, which cards would provide the best bonuses for this particular expense? With Citi Prestige, you can never go wrong, especially because they offer 5 points for a dollar spent. The points are worth 1.7 cents, offering an 8.5% return on your spending.

You can never go wrong with Citi Prestige

Other great credit cards when it comes to dining include American Express Gold Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express’ Hilton Honors Aspire Card, Uber Visa, Capital One Savor, and Costco Anywhere.

For gas, the American Express Business Gold Card is your best bet. With this one, you get an 8% return on whatever you spend. The Costco Anywhere card is also a viable option, along with the Citi Premier and Hilton Honors Surpass card.

Groceries are yet another thing that Americans spend big on. As such, it is only wise that your purchases earned you the valuable points. The American Express Gold Card can get you a return of as high as 8% on your spending, making it the first option in this category.

The American Express Gold Card can get you a return of as high as 8%

The Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred, both under American Express are also safe bets to go with, and you can never regret choosing either of them.

If you’re big on flying, then this part is for you. The American Express’ Platinum Card offers a 10% return, but you have to strictly book your hotels via The Chase Sapphire Reserve card comes next, with a 6% return.

The Gold Card by American Express can’t be left behind either, offering the same return as the Sapphire. Other great cards include Citi Premier, Citi Prestige, Uber Visa, and Costco Anywhere.

The Rest

Now that we’ve touched on major American spending habits, how about all the rest? Are there cards that offer rewards on other expenses? Of course, yes. One example is the Chase Freedom Unlimited. With this one, you get a 1.5% return on everything.

With Chase Freedom Unlimited, you get a 1.5% return on everything

Discover it Cash Back and Discover it Miles offer returns of 3% and 5% respectively, so you’re at liberty to choose whichever pleases you.

Most of the cards that offer cashback on everything offer a return of at least 1.5%. However, though they may be sold under the guise of giving cashback on all purchases, there are some distinct expenses that are not eligible for points.

Thing is, there are lots of credit cards out there that give you value for money. Before applying for one, you’ve only got to shop around for the best one available.

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