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Dunkin’ Donuts Now Offers Mobile Drive-Thru

Placing online orders through your mobile phone is a luxury people enjoy most, not until the queue to get your ordered item turns out to be endless. However, this issue has been resolved by Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts, Atlanta.

Dunkin’ Donuts has created an app called ‘DD Perks app’ through which customers can now place their orders and conveniently pick them up at a designated spot where a truck will convey all orders. A first-of-its-kind drive-thru’ mobile has also been provided mainly to serve that purpose so only those who used the DD Perks application can enjoy this service. This drive-thru spot is located at Quincy in Massachusetts.

Several automated stalls have also been erected in this same location to enable buyers to make their purchases independently, whether a Dunkin staff is around there or not.

Dunkin’ Donuts already has plans to launch other innovative outlets numbering about 30 and the one at Quincy is just one of them. DD is projecting rolling out these facilities in the coming years, and the management also intends to perform test-and-error examinations on its latest body of signage, as well as watching the strength of its programming while waiting for the right signal to launch out fully across the nation.

The signage has experienced two changes so far, and the first occurred in California in 2017 while the second one was the scraping of the word ‘Donuts.’ This change was as a result of suffrage.

The fierce competition precipitated by its rivals such as Burger King, Starbucks and McDonald’s has compelled Dunkin’ Donuts to upgrade its services by making additions to its areas of specialty. Some notable changes are already taking place in the last couple of months such as streamlining its menu for better concentration on its drink-making brand, revving up its online functions and automated ordering features, as well as decelerating its process of expansion.

Now that Quincy shop has been established, the company has now been credited with the record of being the very first food vendor that owns the restrictive mobile drive-thru services for online order placements.

So if you place your orders by using DD Perks app, you are welcome to majestically blend into the queue in front of the pickup van.

A coffee vendor who wants to be successful in this business must be ready to offer comfort to its customers because that is a major attraction. Many restaurants that know the value of customer satisfaction provide quality drinks and valuable offers.

Dunkin’ has taken the right step in the right direction with this mobile drive-thru concept, creativity that stands as its strongest selling point against its rivals. This feature is not what can be found in any other restaurant, except a mobile pick-up built up inside their shops. Unfortunately, they don’t always find it easy to manage congestion when the crowd is built up at their pick-up desks.

Quincy shop which is seated on a 2,200 square expanse of space is well-lit with beautiful pink and imbued orange colored concepts that illuminate its surroundings.

There is a section where small fruits such as applesauce, grapes, granola and small oranges are being sold to customers who might want a quick bite of fruity flavors.

Dunkin’ also installed taps where the majority of the restaurant’s beverages are being fetched directly. Drinks like coffees, cold brew mixed with nitrogen and teas come straight from the taps into the cups of customers.

One of the most sought-after coffee types among food lovers is chilled brew coffee. The demand for this beverage is so high that high-profile food companies such as Dunkin’ and Starbucks are courting the idea of going into it fully by making freshly brewed chilled coffee with optimum taste.

Joyride Coffee Distributors and Starbucks released a statement last Monday, saying that they have signed a partnership deal that would provide freshly made chilled brew coffee to Starbucks’ food outlets and stands in public places like libraries, tertiary institutions, healthcare-centers, and offices.

Dunkin’ is looking into ways to make life better not just for its customers, but also its crew at Quincy shop who will now have a change in their uniforms as the restaurant has collaborated with Life is Good, a fashion wear maker based in Boston to design customized shirts and caps for them.

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