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Shopping Tips To Save You Money!

While some of us aren’t into shopping at all, there are others who resort to retail therapy to relieve stress. Whether or not what we purchase is needed or not, shopping is highly addictive and to others, gratifying. More often than not, our shopping sprees turn into regrets later on. Did you really need two full-sized lotions to avail the next one for free? If you are an impulsive buyer, you may need to re-evaluate your shopping habits to be able to save more money instead of spending your savings on useless things. Read on to find out what tips you can follow the next time you head on to your local mall.

#1 Shop With A List

Whether you are buying things for yourself or for the house, always have a list ready! Don’t think that it is too much work to sit down for a while and prepare a list before you go shopping. Remember, you will be spending hard-earned money for everything you buy. You don’t want that money to get wasted, right?

#2 Set A Budget

Depending on the amount of money you have in your account, fix a budget for your shopping trip. Be realistic and set a number that seems doable. This is crucial before you go on your shopping trip as it will ensure that you don’t go for something that will create a dent in your bank account. Unfortunately, this has happened to many of us already, and trust us, we are talking from experience. Stick to your budget, prioritize what you need to buy, and you will end up being a smart shopper!

#3 Say No to Sales

Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Remember, the word ‘sale’ triggers most people to shop impulsively. Buy things only when you need them, and when it fits you. If a shirt is on sale and it is not your exact size, you shouldn’t buy it at all. Even if it is on sale, you will be wasting your money if you spend it on something you won’t even use frequently. Again, your shopping list comes in handy here. If anything from the list is on sale, you can buy it!

#4 Ask Yourself If You Will Use It Before Buying

Often, we end up buying things that look really nice but doesn’t look good on us. Also, if you don’t go to many parties and need a lot of casual wear, spending a fortune on a dress or a suit might just be an overkill. Avoid these scenarios by going to the trial room, putting the dress or top on, and asking yourself, “where am I going to wear this?” If you have a solid answer to that question, you are good to go. If not, re-evaluate yourself, and think again if this is what you need.

#5 Don’t Shop When Upset Or Bored

It has been found that when we are bored or upset, we tend to over-shop because shopping makes us happy. Period. Naturally, when we are upset or feeling low, it is a great mood enhancer. They are emotional triggers that compel us to shop without being conscious of what we are shopping. Hence, we tend to take wrong decisions and end up buying unnecessary things that we do not need. If you feel the urge to shop when feeling upset, do something else, stay away from your phone, or the mall! Direct your boredom to something more productive like decluttering or reading a book.

# 6 Don’t Let The Sales Person Talk You Into Buying

When you go shopping, salespeople are there not just to help you shop but also to say things that make you feel like you need things when in fact, you really don’t. There is a reason they are friendly and helpful — they want you to buy something when you go out of the store door. So, don’t get fooled by them or don’t let them talk you into buying something you might regret later. Don’t feel obligated to buy an item just because they are being nice. Instead, you can tell them that you are merely browsingt, but you might consider it the next time. Easy, right?

Now that you are armed with a shopping strategy, we hope you can finally control your shopping urges and save more money for future expenses. So, don’t let your hard-earned cash get away by shopping mindlessly. Be smart when you shop!


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