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The Logic Behind This Animal Behavior Is Hard To Guess

Love them or hate them, but our four-legged friends bring so much joy to our mundane lives that it’s hard to imagine what it would be like without them. As owners, people assume to be knowledgeable about their every move, yet somehow, they still manage to surprise us with their antics.

Most of the time, it’s pretty entertaining and worth a picture, but there are also instances where they leave us scratching our heads in confusion. Well, we’ve come up with a delightful collection of mind-boggling animal logic that’ll surely tickle that funny bone. We can all most likely relate to one of these scenarios at home too!

This Is Comfier

Animal owners love to spoil their beloved pets with the best supplies that money can buy. Whether it’s fancy cat food or dog houses, the choices are endless! Yet the funny thing is, it seems these creatures are more comfortable with the simpler things – just look at this picture for proof.

One darling kitty got the best basket bed gift from her “pawrent” with the squishiest toys to match. So, one would expect she’d hop in there to nap immediately! Alas, the animal was even more interested in the dustpan placed next to her instead. As long as the cat’s happy, then we’re confident its owner wouldn’t mind the dusty conditions!

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