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40+ Stories That Prove Revenge Is Best Served Cold

We’ve often heard that revenge is best served cold. Well, here are some classic ones that add weight to that phrase in spades. Most of them are well-planned and executed at the right moment when the other party least expects it. While we do not condone anyone spending time and effort fretting over how to exact their pound of flesh, we confess to finding this collection extremely satisfying.

Scroll through to find some exciting acts of revenge – some born of innovative thinking while some are simple yet effective. A few of these are sure to intimidate even Shakespeare’s Shylock! For instance, who would’ve thought to saran wrap a car to get back at a cheating husband or inject pungent mustard sauce into sugar-coated doughnuts to ward off food-thieving colleagues? They’re all genius, we say!

How Frenemies Treat Each Other

The decorations look wonderful! It seems like someone has really great friends who planned a thrilling party, but wait a minute, look carefully, where are the chairs or bed? The party planners have left no space for sitting or even standing, for that matter!

The birthday girl would have to prick every single balloon to make a way in her own room – not such a brilliant surprise. Although we appreciate her return gift idea, the clever woman wrapped everything at her friend’s place, including the window curtains. It’s like she’s saying to her mate- have a good night unwrapping the house!

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