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Not All House Repairs Need A Handyman: 45 DIY Hacks To Save Some Cash

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we have hidden skills that need just our attention to be tapped. People who used to think baking is such a complicated process are now expert bread bakers, and those who thought they did not have green thumbs are now certified gardeners.

Additionally, a lot of individuals had to rely on their home repair skills because calling professionals was not possible. On that note, there really is no need to contact the experts for minor home repair jobs because we have these quick fixes below. Homeowners who discover scratches on their precious wood furniture don’t need the pros to remove them now; the solution can be in every home’s pantry. Try a few of these, and anyone could deem themselves as the neighborhood handyman!

Quick Wood Scratches Fix

Wood elevates simple house designs to make them appear “homey” with a touch of elegance. So it’s understandable why homeowners would freak out when they see scratches on their wood flooring or furniture – they don’t come cheap! There’s no reason to panic though, as the solution may be in the kitchen.

As it turns out, walnuts do not just belong in the stomach; they can be a quick fix to wood scratches. No other special tools are needed, only the walnut and a piece of cloth. Rub the walnut first on the scratch, then a finger, and finish by buffing it with fabric.

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