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50 Times People Got The Wrong Tattoo And Thought They Looked Cool

People have their own reasons for getting tattoos – it could be to remember someone, preserve a precious memory, reinforce their identity, or simply because they are drawn to the beauty of a symbol or a design. Whatever their reasoning behind wanting a design inked permanently onto their skin, there’s no doubt that tattoos look super cool! At least many of them do.

Unfortunately, there are some we wish didn’t go so wrong; we’d be shaking our heads and mulling over them instead of enjoying their appearance. We have, quite painstakingly, put together an extensive list of inkings that could have gone right but didn’t. Blame them on an amateur artist, a vague idea lost in translation, or just a poorly executed random thought in ink. While a few had us stumped, we found others rather funny.

Sending The Message Across

Tattoos are typically used to express one’s creativity, but this guy right here thought it would be a great way to let everyone know he’s innocent. Whether it’s true or not, there’s nothing wrong with his intentions, of course. Yet, we feel like he’s going to regret the tattoo placement in the years to come.

Shaving the eyebrows and replacing it with the words “wrongfully convicted” does sound like a funny idea. Now that we see the actual output, it’s probably better to grow back that hair and cover up the message. Who knows, he might even get the juror’s sympathy with that makeover!

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