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These Windshield Notes Have Everything We Have Always Wanted To Say To Bad Drivers

It’s easy to buy a car but passing that driver’s test is an entirely different story. Some barely even do so, which is why many folks aren’t that adept in basic things like parking! Unfortunately, no one can do much about these pesky parkers since only a few are comfortable in public confrontation.

Don’t worry, this list might just hold the solution to that problem! From simple handwritten notes to meme messages, the possibilities are endless. Fair warning, though – some of these acts may make anyone wonder how some people can be so careless. Still, read on and get ready for some relatable belly laughs!

And The Award Goes To

Most folks say a person isn’t considered as a real driver unless they’re equipped with the skills to park with no problem. Yet somehow, that seems to be quite common these days – look at this picture, for example. This guy must have been told repeatedly to park within the lines, but he failed based on the funny “parking award” on his car.

Of course, sarcasm doesn’t work on everyone, yet we think the vehicle owner might change his ways once he sees the party streamers and balloons. If this won’t make the guy change his practices, we don’t know what will.

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